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An Internship at Milkbar Digital

Aug 07 2019

Written by Tommy Paccagnan As I saw myself approaching the end of my Bachelor of Business Marketing degree at La Trobe University,…

How to Track Influencer Campaign Success After the Removal of Instagram Likes

Jul 25 2019

From all of the memes, endless articles, and your own Instagram usage, you would have noticed that Instagram has started their trial…

How to incorporate content pillars into your social marketing strategy

Apr 03 2019

A great social strategy requires a solid foundation! Don’t know where to start?  Content pillars are your new BFF. A fancy name…

6 Instagram Hacks to up your Insta game

Aug 15 2018

You’re probably on top of how to post, follow and message but what you might not know is that there’s a trove…

How to Create More Engaging Content

Apr 19 2018

We’ve all heard the common marketing adage that ‘content is king’, and you know what, I personally have pledged my fealty. This…

Through the Cooking Glass: Why your Restaurant needs to be Online

Oct 19 2016

Which came first, the Blogger Chick or the Poached egg? It’s the age old question that’s been wondered for generations – well,…